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Up and Running!

September 1, 2009

Hello, everybody! I have completed all of the major informational content of the first phase of the Kids Thinking Critically website and it is now officially good to go! Use the top menu or the sidebar to navigate and find out all about my methods and practices for teaching critical thinking skills to at-risk youth.

The program can be easily adapted to suit many different contexts, and I invite you to do so under the constraints of my Creative Commons License. This is only the beginning, however; there is much more to come.

I also hope to make this more than just my show. This means that anybody who adapts the program in any way should feel free to send me their adaptation and I will post it here with all credit given. The more approaches we have, the better a resource we offer the critical thinking and educational communities.

Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for taking an interest in teaching critical thinking to our youth!

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