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Coming Soon: “Scams, Schemes, and Advertisement”

October 7, 2009

I’m about half-finished with preliminary development on a KTC module I’m calling “Scams, Schemes, and Advertising,” which is a four-part lesson in general consumer awareness and wise money management. It covers everything from common street scams to pyramid schemes, and goes into depth about the tactics and techniques that shady (and not-so-shady) marketers use to entice people to buy their products (i.e. buzzwords, weasel words, vague claims, inflated value, etc.).

The goal of “Scams, Schemes, and Advertising” is to open kids’ eyes to the ways in which they can be separated from their money for dubious products or purposes. It offers a practical, everyday context in which they can exercise their critical thinking skills with a tangible benefit. It is not based directly on the Thinking Errors approach, and as such can be easily used in any educational setting provided the students already have a basic grasp of reason and critical thinking.

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